About Me

st-vincent-flagI was born in St. Vincent & the Grenadines, a group of islands in the Caribbean and I’ve been living in England for thirty years now. I’ve played in several local bands including “Steel Connection” the “Peterborough All Stars”, “Dambala” and my own band “Splash” to name a few. As a solo artist I am able to offer a more cost effective, less complicated and more convenient service and require less space than a band.

In the late 90s a popular band gave me three months to learn to play the steel drum for a big concert. I thought it was impossible at the time but gave it my best shot and with the natural born rhythm I inherited from my Caribbean & Irish ancestors I taught myself to play the pan and the concert was a success. After the gig, some people said I was the “King of the Dons”, hence my stage name King Don!

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